Free Face Shield
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In the midst of our current situation, we decided to use
our facility to help our first responders and medical staff
stay safe while helping all of us get through this!

We are giving these to first responders and medical staff
for free because they really need them right now . We are
in a position where we can manufacture them at our shop
here locally, although we can ship as well, so this is a
nationwide operation. These are NOT disposable, they are
made of isinglass 40 gauge, marine webbing and velcro
and even marine thread, meaning they can be washed,
disinfected and put right back to work HUNDREDS of
So how does it work? Simple, you show us your badge, you get ONE free shield, that's it. You want several for your group of
coworkers perhaps? Great, show us the badges of all of them BUT cover the material cost of each shield ($5), why? Because
that way we can continue producing them for the next person and/or group.

What if im not first responder or medical staff? Great question, our priority is them right now, however, we can sell them to
general public for $15 each, which in turn helps us make 3 more shields to donate.

How are you coming up with funds for this? we are 100% funded by donations from people just like us, that want to help any
way they can, so if you would like to donate, please contact us and we will let you know how, anything helps.

HOW DO I ORDER MY SHIELD? Ok there's 2 ways of getting your shield, 1, come by our shop, if you're local, to pick it up,
or 2, message us through our Facebook page, Vara Upholstery of St Pete (link on our homepage), where we have someone
answering there, that can set up shipping or answer any questions you might have. We ask that you please do not call the
shop directly as we are all working on these through the day and a constant ringing phone will slow down production.

To check out updates on these please go to our facebook page where we post info on them often.

These guys need our help, they are the ones that will get us through this, so let's do whatever we can to keep them safe!
Once again if you would like to donate to the cause, please ontact us through Facebook and we will walk you through it.